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Another innovation from Netlive to our valued users! You can use free SSL certificates for all web hosting and reseller hosting services you have purchased or purchased from Netlive. If you want to have your current active service installed, you can make a request to us by sending a support ticket through your customer panel.

He stated that Google would give priority to websites using SSL with the changes it made in the algorithm it uses when evaluating search results. By using a free SSL certificate today, you can get better in search results and be one step ahead of your competitors. You can review the announcement about the algorithm change here.

When you use Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, you have certain advantages. First of all, Let's Encrypt is completely free. This allows you to reduce your costs. It works in harmony with all known modern web browsers and all mobile devices. As you can use it in subdomains, you can use it without purchasing a private ip address, which is normally required for SSL.

We have listed the questions and answers you will ask us about Let's Encrypt as follows.

Question: Why is Let's Encrypt free? How is it different from paid SSLs?
Answer: Let's Encrypt is an SSL organization run by sponsors. Therefore, it is offered free of charge. It is no different from other SSL certificates. It performs the same task. You can also find the list of companies sponsoring Let's Encrypt here.

Question: How can we do the installation?
Answer: You can install it from the "Let's Encrypt" icon in your control panel. If you are not successful, you can create a ticket to our technical support department here.

Question: Free SSL installed but still no green lock icon?
Answer: In your source codes, the link structure of all the files you pull from outside or from within the site should be https. For example, if you are pulling the jquery.js file from outside, it should be https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js, not http://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js. When the file is called with http, your website will appear as insecure and the green lock icon will not appear. This condition includes all js, css and image files.

Question: What are the requirements for a free SSL certificate?
Answer: In order for the Let's Encrypt certificate to be installed and used, your domain name must be active, directed to our NS addresses, and the home page of your site must be accessible.