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Web Design Prices; In this article, we will provide a comprehensive information about web design prices, which you should be aware of before getting service from a web design company.

The average cost of a web design service usually ranges from 1.000 TL to 5.000 TL. However, original design prices can vary between 10.000 ₺ – 20.000 ₺. When all kinds of services are included, this price can increase up to 30.000 ₺.

However, web design companies that abuse this situation should not be deceived. The high price and the quality may not be directly proportional in every company. That's why you should not think that every high-priced web design agency is quality.

That's why in this article we will explain to you the additional features and additional services that can increase the price of a web design. In line with the information you have obtained from our article, you can decide more consciously about the web design company that will make your company's website.

The reason why you do not see a clear price when you enter the website of many web design companies is because the price of the web design service you will receive may vary according to the features and additional services you want. That's why many web design agencies have a "get a quote" page on their site. When you click here, a form is presented to you and you choose the service or services you want to receive from here.

For example, we, as The Adam, analyze your company's web design needs specifically for your company and report this to you and create a proposal. Let's come to the criteria that determine the price ranges of web design services provided by web design agencies in general:
Web Design Pricing Criteria

Style: The style of a website may differ from many sites as it relates to its original design. Designs made to make a difference require more effort than standard designs. Therefore, additional charges may apply to designs created with special requests to create style. Instead, you can choose from the ready-made designs of the company you will cooperate with. Thus, you do not pay additional fees for a different design.

Number of Pages: A website can have as many pages as you want. However, when each page requires a separate design, this may also be reflected in the price. First of all, you can create a demand by considering how many pages the products or services you will display on your site will cost.

SEO Service: Many web design firms may charge additional fees to register your website with search engines. However, we, as The Adam, do the registration to search engines without seeing it as an additional job for every web design service buyer from us. However, if you want to be at the top of search engines for keywords related to your industry, we can create a separate offer for this service.

Responsive Design: Responsive design; It ensures that your website is scalable according to the screen of devices such as phones and tablets. Many web design companies may charge additional fees for this feature. We, as The Adam, make all the web designs we make responsive, that is, mobile compatible.
Other Criteria for Web Design Prices

Database Application: This application; It allows you to have features such as product search, listing, filtering on your site. These features are requested by customers who want more e-commerce site setup.

Website Update: After the installation of your website, when it's time to renew and update the content on your website, will you cooperate with the agency you have your website built for, or will you update your content yourself?

If you get service from a web design agency again for this process, you will have to pay a fee. We, The Adam, offer you a useful admin panel so that you can do this yourself. However, we can also update your content for you.

Hosting: “Hosting” is a data hosting service. This service is mandatory for the content on the website and its pages to be active on the internet. Therefore, it is not usually seen as an additional service, it is directly included in the setup fee.

Corporate Hosting & Mail: Some web design firms allow you and your employees to create an e-mail with the hosting name of your site. In this way, the institutionalism of your company will be strengthened. We, as The Adam, offer you a special e-mail opportunity for the domain name of your company site.

Logo Design: Some web design agencies can design your company's logo within the scope of corporate identity service. Since logo design is a symbol that will be identified with the company, it is a service that needs attention. As The Adam, we offer services such as business card design, agenda design, invoice design, including logo design, within the scope of corporate identity service.
Website Prices

Being conscious at many points such as these features helps you gain awareness in terms of the website you want. In this way, you can avoid the extra costs that may occur.